Sarah Frank

Teen author, Brown University freshman, & college app consultor

Hi, I’m Sarah! I was born and raised in Florida and am attending Brown University for college. I love to read, write, watch Netflix, hang out with friends, volunteer, shop, and spend time with family.

I’m the author of 4 books: 2 novels called One Chance and Two Secrets, a picture book for kids with anxiety called Cloudy Days, and a poetry book called Windows and Mirrors.

I’m also the founder of a UN-affiliated nonprofit organization called Simple Studies, also known as Studyist.

  • Accepted to elite schools such as Brown, Vanderbilt, Johns Hopkins, and more
  • Awardee of several merit scholarships
  • Author of 4 books, 3 of which were traditionally published
  • Both of my parents have been alumni interviewers for Harvard and Tufts respectively
  • Created a globally-recognized nonprofit with users from almost every country
  • Attended 22 admissions seminars and events to learn about the process

Disclaimer: I am not an admissions officer and I have never worked in admissions. I am offering advice based on admissions sessions, personal experience, and knowledge other people gave me during the process when I went through it myself.

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